And the finished product!

I’ve so enjoyed playing with cyanotype prints again and pop up books. Here are the two I made last week one was a gift and the other is for my collection. . All the prints were created from the belongings of one person as a pocket sized memory to her. I think its a lovely personal way to remember someone.


New project started

I am beginning to realise that cyanotype time will be coming round again soon. I kind of give up trying during the winter as the weather is so unpredictable. So with that in mind I have dug out some prints from last year made from a wonderful bundle of stuff sent in the post from an generous instagram connection. I have been meaning to create something for her ever since and finally I have started








A little series of drawings

I always try to do one drawing a day. Sometimes it just isn’t possible and others I make several. So with my crude maths I recon I probably to have on average one drawing for every day of the year. This last few days I’ve been focused on my bedroom. I really enjoy simply documenting what is in front of me. These have turned out reasonably so I thought I’d share them as a set with you.
Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 23.13.18

IMG_9944Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 23.13.57IMG_0164










Cyanotypes on tour

As you may have gathered I am a bit addicted to making cyanotype prints. So on this trip I prepared lots of paper and carried it around with me to use all sorts of things I found to make prints which really capture a sense of place for me.

DOQDE6071 HipstamaticPhoto-531758287.231986 HipstamaticPhoto-531758207.963187 XRJSE6736 HipstamaticPhoto-531758136.184963 ULNRE2240 HipstamaticPhoto-532925361.028766


Apologies and drawings

I must apologise for neglecting this site for a while, my mind has been fully on ‘The Nomadic Northerner’ my second site. I will endeavour to do better now everything is up and running, its just sometimes I need to eat and sleep!

I am currently at the end of a fantastic four week explore from Bangkok to Bangkok taking in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia on the way. I have seen some beautiful things and been as busy as possible keeping up to date with a sketchbook/visual journal so on my return I can make some work all about it. First of all I have to visit Myanmar! For now please accept a few drawings from my sketchbook as recompense for my shoddiness.

IMG_3945 HipstamaticPhoto-531832555.167259 TGIJE5914 IMG_1023 IMG_9844 IMG_8380 IMG_8379 IMG_7579 IMG_7828 IMG_E7282



Introducing ‘The Nomadic Northerner’!

Well during August I got busy creating a new website! I am really quite proud of myself for getting this sorted. I owe much thanks to a couple of friends Zoe and Nic for encouraging me aka kicking me up the bum to get started and to my cousin Jacx for helping me come up with the name over one or two glasses of wine.

It is a blog site dedicated to travel, food and art so in many ways an extension of this. I really hope people enjoy it and discover places, recipes, exhibitions and books that might inspire or at the very least bring a smile. I would love it if you took a look and let me know what you think…

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 17.33.05


…and another book


This little book is made from individual pages each with a cyanotype print on one side and a section of found paper on the other. Creating a collection of memories constructed by stitch into a book. The title is ‘Capitolo VII’ which came from one of the books I found and means ‘Chapter VII’ because I spent the seventh month of the year there. If you scroll back a couple of posts you can see the pages laid out before they were stitched together.



Memories in a tin


This is a tin containing three books I made as a ‘sense of place’ of where I was staying in Italy. The first one is made from cyanotype prints I made from a range of found objects like plants from the hillside and doilies bought at a local market. The second is made from found papers, letters and magazines. The third is three watercolours of the mountain that was my view at different times of the day.