Document part two

A couple of weeks ago I had a chance to bring my Document project to Bank Street Arts, Sheffield. This was a very personal project for me as the core narrative of the work was Sheffield and my family. A huge number of the objects involved came from Sheffield originally, so its been lovely to bring it home.

Document is an investigation into how we approach documenting – whether it be a life, an object, an event or our memories.


Mark Making in the woods

I have just spent the most pleasant of weekends in the beautiful setting of Wimbourne St Giles, Dorset at Colourfest. I had the opportunity to make large drawings in the woods and encourage others to collaborate. I collected found objects as tools for drawing with ink and experimented with the chalky soil and crumbly wood particles to create pigments and chalks. I also laid out a large sheet of white paper to encourage the placement of beautiful found objects so we could really see them and appreciate the shapes and colours all around us. My idea of heaven.

IMG_3895 IMG_3923 IMG_3952 IMG_3912 IMG_3841 IMG_3898 IMG_3876

Channa Horwitz

Popped into Raven Row a couple of weeks ago to see the work of Channa Horwitz. Some beautiful beautiful and sensitive drawing if a little obsessive! See what you think…

IMG_2610IMG_2603 IMG_2604IMG_2633

Making Plans

Back in April SIX had the distinct pleasure of hosting Anne & Christian Edwardes for a weeks residency at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield. The exhibition investigated the process of making garments by drawing attention to the instruction, materials, tools, and methods used in that making process. A huge body of work was collected and there will be more on this in the future I’m sure…

_DSC5367_DSC5445 _DSC5328_DSC5335



New Studio – finally coming together!

Just before Christmas I moved up to Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Sheffield is my home town and its brilliant to be coming home after many years away in a number of other places. I’ve already met some lovely new people and picked up with some old friends and smell the scent of possibility in the air….. The move has meant a change in studio and am just about organised now in my new space to actually start making again….I can’t wait to get going.



Palimpsest – The Vaults Gallery, Waterloo

Last week I had a great experience showing work at The Vaults in London, such a fab bunch of people who made us very welcome! The exhibition was a group thing with Nicola Will and Rachel Larkins with whom I’ve worked closely for about twelve years but we have never shown work together. We realised that our work is very intertwined however unintentional and I think this may be the start of something….

IMG_0198IMG_0217 IMG_0306 IMG_0251 IMG_0282IMG_0309 IMG_0279


Introduced to a new space…

I’ve been taking part in a short course that is investigating the interesting world of curating. Its been a great experience as each week we visit a space in London and then discuss it over coffee….whats not to like! Anyway the other week we went to Large Glass a space in North London (walkable from Kings Cross) It is a great little space very welcoming and has an interesting program of exhibitions and events, definitely worth a visit next time you are in the area.

IMG_8986IMG_8868   IMG_8869


Moving Studio

Having been in my studio now for over ten years its time to move on from one end of the country to the other! More of that in future posts… In the mean time I thought it would be a good idea to document what has been a sanctuary for so long, I’ll miss this space very much.

IMG_8126Studio at Sunnyhill Sunnyhill studio desk