Alfred Denny Museum

After discovering the Sorby slides a few weeks back at the Millenium Gallery (see post from April 7th) I discovered they were kept in the Alfred Denny Museum. The Alfred Denny is part of Sheffield University and only open to the public once a month or by arrangement. I have finally been for a visit and it didn’t disappoint! It is crammed full of bottles and jars of pickled specimens and rows of skeletons and taxidermied creatures…


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Lovely package

The more people who are finding out about my Lost & Found project the more interesting stories and conversations I am having. I am collecting all sorts of stories of treasures loved and lost. Another rather lovely happening is that people have started sending me treasures to work with that have sat in the back of drawers for years. This little collection came from a contact on Instagram and I am over the moon, such a delightful little haul to play with! Always very grateful.

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Drawings of Openings

I have just taken down my show in Lewes and been sorting through images. It made me realise I haven’t posted many of my India drawings so here you go. They are all charcoal, ink, emulsion and pencil about seven layers each drawing starting with charcoal ending with pencil and lots of fluid marks inbetween.

Amber Palace Gateway to India Amber Palace kitchen


All done time for a sit down!

After months of preparing and making work it is such a pleasure to see a body of work come together in one place. At home I only have space to view maybe three pieces at one time so its always a bit of a gamble (however much you prepare) you never quite know how it will turn out. Well I’m pleased to report that I am very happy with this exhibition and have been a little overwhelmed with the positive feedback, so thank you to everyone for that, I am forever grateful.

Lewes1Lewes 3Lewes 2

Viva Lewes

I had the slightly strange experience of thumbing through a magazine to find an interview with myself. Obviously I knew it would be there but still quite a weird experience!


Last few days…

This week is super busy getting all the work finished off and packed up ready to go to Lewes next week. I am really looking forward to this trip, I’ve heard plenty of good things from a whole range of people especially about the charity and junk shops. More details shortly about where and when in case anyone is in the area.


Project Refugee

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across this exhibition not having heard anything about it previously. I found it profoundly moving and thought provoking.

Apparently there are 65 million refugees in the world the same number as inhabitants of the UK. A Refugee shelter was brought over from Lebanon and built in the gallery space. The objects that you might expect to find in a shelter were cast in plaster and placed inside. Some objects were cast in bronze and my reading of them is that they are objects that are desirable but not available. At several points there were head phones to listen to stories from refugees about how their situation impacted on things like education, health, family and contraception amongst other things. A great deal of food for thought.


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