Big stuff today…

Well the weather was glorious today (as the weather app had promised) so having planned ahead and prepared some big sheets of paper I took full advantage and created some large cyanotype prints. This was the best of today’s experiments.


…and a little bit more cyanotype.

I feel like I am on a bit of a roll now, or at least momentum is building. Its funny how there is always a fight and a struggle at the beginning of a project but then it turns a corner and becomes an organic entity all of its own. Well the corner most definitely has been turned!



The joys of cyanotype

Back in the studio this week I have had to put aside drawing for a while to get organised for an exhibition coming up in May. This one is going to be entirely about cyanotypes created from my collections of doilies, tablecloths and clothing. I really feel like I am getting somewhere with it already (I think it might be because this project has been in my head for a long time and needed to get out!)




Artist in Residence

Well this week at Canford School has flown by! Its been a privilege to spend time in such beautiful surroundings and engage with students about their work. Lovely to have an opportunity to spend time drawing one can never get enough of that! These are the three drawings I managed to get finished during the time.



Colour exhibition

Back in January a friend of mine put an exhibition together simply about colour. I was delighted to be involved alongside the likes of Chagall and Marc Quinn! These are a few images of my pieces… (the drawings were a joint project with Theresa Bruno)

IMG_0572 IMG_0567 IMG_0566


Getting lost in drawing

I have enjoyed drawing so much over the last few weeks its been quite hard to pull myself away from it as I’ve got other commitments this week away from the studio. The marks and materials have been totally absorbing and overall its become about the process and layers more than anything else. Next I think there maybe a series of smaller abstracts that are just about process and layering. For now some bits and bobs from recent drawings.

IMG_0305IMG_0119IMG_0228IMG_0227IMG_0220  IMG_0124 IMG_0022IMG_0143



A bit of drawing

Over the last few weeks I’ve buried myself in the studio and made some big drawings. They are all images from India consisting of some kind of opening. This one is my favourite so far.


Wabi Sabi

I love this word.

It encapsulates so much about how I think and work. It is the Japanese concept of giving respect and reverence for the marks of experience and age that create beautiful patina’s and clues to histories and past stories an embracing of the damaged and imperfect. These images from India fit that aesthetic perfectly.